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Stacking Your Team | Leadership Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs



Dec 18, 2018

CEOs often wonder, “What can I do to stay more connected with my team’s daily activities?” They do not want to be a micromanager, but they want to be in touch with what’s happening on a day to day basis.

These are issues that come up often in my strategy sessions. I get it. You’re busy. You know your role...

Dec 11, 2018

What can you do to improve and grow as a leader? You've hired your team, and trained them, now what? Natalie Eckdahl joins Shelli to as they discuss an incredible tool that will help you, the CEO, lead your team better, and provide clarity to you and your team members.


Role. Responsibilities. Results. Requirements....

Dec 4, 2018

You’ve told me that you want more insight, more strategies, and more ways to grow your own leadership capabilities as you grow your business and your team.   

On today’s episode we’re going to embrace the fact that you don’t have to be a fortune 50 company to have all the things necessary to succeed.  As CEO of...

Nov 27, 2018

How much does it really cost to hire a new team member? How do employees impact the bottom line of the business? On today’s show Shelli features our community member Hannah Smolinski, Founder of BrightenUp Financial.


Shelli and Hannah share the common money fears we hear most often about hiring.  They also open up...

Nov 20, 2018

Which tools should you use for the most effective communication within your team? How can technology support your business and save you time and energy? On today’s show, Shelli features our community member Jaime Slutsky, Founder of The Tech of Business.  


Jaime shares her thoughts on a variety of tech tools that...