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Stacking Your Team | Leadership Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs



May 26, 2020

During this pandemic, you’ve been taking care of your family and your business, but now that the restrictions are starting to lift in your area, are you ready to welcome everyone back to your business?

We’re talking more than PPE and hand sanitizer here. Use this primer to kickstart you into creating your doors open...

May 19, 2020

Have you ever seen someone you know featured on TV and wondered how you too can up your publicity game so you can elevate your brand presence? 

On today’s show, we have a mass-market media expert, Amanda Berlin joining us. She helps people craft their stories and position themselves as someone people need to know...

May 12, 2020

She’s a mom of two toddlers, an advocate for children on the autism spectrum, a Quickstart, and a book lover. Jessie Ginsburg talks to Shelli about her journey, the ups and downs, and how she is repositioning her business during the pandemic. 

Jessie started her practice right after grad school going against the...