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Stacking Your Team | Leadership Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs



Dec 27, 2022

Bullies aren’t only on the playground; they are in the workplace too.

As someone who’s had many interactions with bullies in the workplace, I’m sharing some insight today for you to consider when you’re up against this challenge.  

Ideally, we want to end the bullying in the early stages before it escalates. So

Dec 20, 2022

Who isn’t making a purchase these days online, on their phone, with a tap or swipe, but have you stopped to think about how this all works and how to keep your information secure?

Today’s episode features Rocio Baeza, CEO of CyberSecurityBase, who has chosen to strike out and make an impact in the payday and...

Dec 13, 2022

Today we’re going to talk about the trouble you can get into when every single person on your team directly reports to you.

Five or less is best. You’ve heard me mention this many times, but you resist it, thinking your business would break if you didn’t have your hand in everything, your eyes overseeing...

Dec 7, 2022

If you are curious about what specific help is available for business owners like you that can accelerate your growth and do it in such a way that feels calm, assuring, and proven instead of feeling unrealistic, and wildly risky; you’ll want to listen to this BONUS episode.

Today’s episode gives you answers to these...

Dec 6, 2022

What would you do if you found yourself responsible to over a hundred people on any given day because you purchased a 20-year-old business with deep roots in your local community? And what if you made this big decision a few short months before the pandemic hit and your daughter was born?


Today, you’ll find out...